10 September 2016 – My Accident

On the 10th September 2016 I was training on our backyard trampoline when I under rotated a double front flip and landed awkwardly on my head breaking my neck in 4 different places and suffering a spinal-cord injury.

It took 6 ambulance officers 1 hour to get me off the trampoline.  I was then rushed to the Alfred hospital in a helicopter for a 7 hour operation where they put me back together using 8 screws a titanium plate and part of my hip bone.

I spent 11 days in the intensive care unit (ICU) where the amazing nurses and doctors worked hard to keep me alive and teach me how to breathe again.

I spent 2 weeks at the Austin Hospital where I started my rehabilitation, this is where I was first well enough to get out of bed into an electricity wheelchair for short amounts of time. While I was there I also had to relearn how to feed myself and brush my teeth.

I was at the royal talbot rehabilitation centre for 5.5 months learning to do everyday tasks again. I had to learn how to get myself in and out of bed, dress myself and use a manual wheelchair. I spent this time learning new skills and getting my body stronger.


Author: Hayden Marshall - one nerve at a time

My journey of recovery from a spinal cord injury

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