23 March 2017 – 6 months since my accident

After 194 days in hospital I am leaving hospital/rehab and returned home to my Mum, Dad and brothers Rory and Toby. I would like to thank my family including extended family and friends who visited and supported me over the last 6 months.

Also I would like to thank you to the Newhaven College and the Phillip Island YMCA for their support to me and my family over the past 6 months.  I hope to be returning to school and coaching gymnastics soon.

After a 7 hour operation I woke up in ICU and could only raise my hands about 10cms and I couldn’t feel anything below my chest. During this time my family and friends formed a dedicated recovery team to help me regain further functions.  They used massaged and electronic nerve stimulation on my limbs.  We did extra training sessions in the gym and used an electronic push bike daily.

Since then I have regained my triceps, tendons in my lower arm and I have started to regain some slight finger movement in my right hand.  I have also regained feeling in several areas below my chest.

Now that I have finished my rehab program I have decided to discover if further recovery is possible.  So Mum, Dad and I are flying to the Gold Coast next month to start working with the Neurophysics team.

Ken Ware, the founder of Neurophysics will work with me to explore the possibilities of reactivating nerve pathways.  This will be the first stage in my recovery, I am determined to do all that I can to get stronger and recovery more from my body.

2017 03 23 coming home

Author: Hayden Marshall - one nerve at a time

My journey of recovery from a spinal cord injury

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